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Apr 30, 2009 ... Cabal Online Guide - Professional Crafting Martial Set Welcome to Thepowerlevel . ... You can also craft hard to find items such as Mystic, Terragrace, ... Luck Set - Gives alz drop bonus, 1 slot and 2 slot drop rate bonus, ...

PlayThisGame CABAL Online NEW UPDATE. Force Wings. Update Review LEARN MORE [Guide] - How To Make Cabal Server | DarksTeam Forums Jul 31, 2015 · The guides are understandable 100% despite the fact that this Chinese. The guidelines I have just put more full of files is all that is needed to open the server (Not to mention programs) in the guides speak of a "securte CRT" is not necessary. Cabal Online Farming Alz/Gold – Luck Set | JustWooz May 27, 2011 · As your character starts growing in level experience and skill ranks, you need millions of Alz (Cabal in-game money) to spend on buying skills, clothes, jewelry and weapons. There are many ways on how to acquire Alz. Here is a simply guide that shows how to farm Alz via Luck Set. This guide is originally made by TheWarAngel. Contents Farming Where to farm? UPDATE - Patch Notes v2.0.0 (FT B2F Awakened) | Cabal

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Slot Extender - Cabal Online Revealed - Google Sites Each item can be extended only once. You can see on the picture, that item has 2 slots: Critical Damage and Critical Rate. Normally you have in 2 slotted item 10% CD and 5% CR. Since this 1 slotted item with extended second slot, the slots have increased values - 12% CD and 7%CR. There are some other rules applied to 3rd slot, which I don't ... [GUIDE] How to Make (FARM) Alz ! NOT - Complete - Page 2

The chances of geting an enchanted item are not directly related to the number of slots you get in an item. The problem with 1slotted items atm is that crafting, which needs 1slotted, has seriously de.

Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Update Review - Episode Jun 02, 2017 · (1) With full inventory, failed craft slot is deleted when clicking [All Complete] button (2) With full inventory, failed craft slot is deleted and craft item is registered during repeated craft (3) Repeated Craft starts by checking ‘Repeat’ box after choosing craft iteml; 5. Epaulets. 1) Names of Epaulet changed KilLeR_ZonE™: Cabal Upgrading (Force Core) Guide - "Sword/Magic Amp", "Skill exp +4" or "2 Slot item drop times" in a slot are drops from mobs only (means all mobs have a certain chance for such a drop(a low chance ofc)) - First chance to get a succes is 75% (if you have a double slotted item the second slot will have a 50% chance)

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[GUIDE] How to Make (FARM) Alz ! NOT - Complete - Page 2 2 slot item drop increses the chance, not only for the 2 sloted items to drop, as it increases the chance to drop "better" materials, i mean instead of droping +0 tita unsloted u drop more often +3 sloted and if empty for example great sword or daikatana u can sell it more higher price at AH because its better to do enchants for CD or at least ... CABAL Guide Blog - CABAL Guide Blog Strategy of Cabal. Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010 ... Cabal Drop Item list. Port Lux. ... Force Core High/Highest , Redosmium 1 slot/2 slot, SIG Metal 1 Slot ... Cabal Online - Wikipedia