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Eve Online: Complete Ore Mining Guide | LevelSkip Ore mining is the simplest form of mining in Eve Online and the type you will most likely start doing. The first thing you need to learn and understand are the skills needed to mine efficiently and become a better miner. Below is a list of the first basic skills that improve your ability to mine ore. The first one you must train is Mining to ... Fitting the venture – Total NewbS Guide to Eve Online The other mid-slots can be used for an afterburner or to increase your shield defense (shield booster and/or hardeners). The other slots for fitting a ship are the rig slots. The only rigs that directly benefit mining are for mining drones and deep core mining (which is only done in null and usually in a mining barge). Eve Online Ore Mining Guide - Saarith Gaming

Mid or medium slots or are a category of module slot found on ships in EVE. Generally, mid slots contain activatable modules that may assist in tackling, propulsion, or generally improve the ships behavior. Shield tanking modules occupy mid slots. Some mid slot modules share purposes with low slots, but the details of their use differ.

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As for mid-slots, in 0.5 a shield tank and ore scanner will help you a lot. I never used an Osprey though - before I got into my barge I used a Scythe and it had a bit more firepower (2 assault launchers, 4 mining lasers) and didn't need to tank the rats as long.-----My in Eve Profile: Linoan Biral: Posted - 2007.10.26 21:42:00 - Mining 101 - UniWiki - Eve University Mining ships are normally shield tanked because their low slots are primarily used for mining yield upgrades while there are no upgrades available for the mid-slots. High Slots: For Barges, these will always be the Strip Miners / Ice Harvesters.

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